TA2 Muscle Car Series

The TA2 formula is based on high horsepower, low maintenance. Powered by control V8 engines, TA2 cars have bodyshells resembling iconic Camaro, Mustang and Challenger muscle cars.

Australian Formula 3

The Australian Formula 3 Championship features some of Australia’s fastest open-wheel race cars, and is a proven breeding ground for young drivers aiming to hone their skills in high-downforce machines.

MARC Cars Series

The V8 MARC Cars will run a stand-alone series this season, featuring the Ford Coyote V8-powered machines with six-speed transaxle gearboxes and GT-style aerodynamics.

Thunder Sports

Thunder Sports is all about big, loud, exciting race cars, typically with varying degrees of modification, driven by passionate motoring enthusiasts.

Stock Cars

The Stock Cars Australia Series caters for vehicles derived from oval racing. As well as machines that raced in the US NASCAR Series, it is also open to Auscars and OzTrucks (based on US trucks).

Excel Circuit Racing

Excel circuit racing has grown into one of the most popular forms of state-level motorsport in Australia, thanks to the affordability and widespread availability of Hyundai Excels.

Miniature Race Cars

Miniature Race Cars is a category for small, motorcycle-powered vehicles including Future Racers, Aussie Racing Cars and Baby Grands (mini NASCARs).

The Super GT Australia category is home to exotic vehicles, catering for all GT3 and GT4 cars, along with MARC I and MARC II cars and invited sports cars. GT-1 rounds consist of races with pit stops.

Super GT Australia

Other categories

In addition to the regular AMRS categories, some rounds will welcome additional classes onto the program, including BMW E30s/E36s, Under 2 Litre Sports Sedans, Group N, Saloon Cars and Queensland Touring Cars.