Long Haul for RX8 Cup Cars

It might be the longest travelling distance for the predominantly NSW, Victoria and QLD-based competitors, by the Mazda RX8 Cup has still drawn a strong 15-car field for Round 3 at The Bend next weekend.

Series creator Ric Shaw is delighted with the response from the competitors.

“It’s a long-distance venue for some, but we’re please a lot of drivers are keen to compete at one of Australia’s best race tracks,” Shaw said.

“Together with AMRS we are hoping to make this a great event, on the fast and flowing layout well matched to the RX8’s handling characteristics.”

Since its inception last year, the RX8 Cup has attracted a number of racing newcomers including Dani Cashion, who is set to compete in his fifth race meeting.

“I’m thrilled to be going to a new venue, and I’m approaching the weekend with a great deal of excitement,” Cashion said.

“We’re sure to put on some memorable racing, with all the slipstreaming sown the fast straights.”

Dani Cashion competing in his 5th RX8 Cup race meeting said he was “thrilled going to a new venue, with a new level of excitement. The grid is sure to put on some memorable racing with all the slipstreaming down the fast straights. Turn 1 lap 1 ought to bring the crowds out.”

Stephen McLaine heads to The Bend with the points lead ahead of Will Harris and Terry Lewis; after a tough weekend in the opening round at Winton, Aaron Prosser vaulted to fourth in the standings with a clean-sweep of victories at Morgan Park.


Points after Round 2:

  1. Stephen McLaine – 217
  2. Will Harris – 190
  3. Terry Lewis – 178
  4. Aaron Prosser – 163
  5. Nick Dunkley – 158
  6. Ben Silvestro – 144
  7. Lachlan O’Hara – 138
  8. Sam Silvestro – 94
  9. Will Cauchi – 92
  10. Ric Shaw – 80


Mazda RX8 Cup Round 3 entry list

2. Dani Cashion – Charlies Run 4 Kids Mazda Rx8

7. William Harris – Exclusive Switchboards Mazda Rx8

12. Nick Dunkley – Nick Dunkley Mazda Rx8

13. Andrew O’Keefe – Andrew O’Keefe Mazda Rx8

22. Jason Miller – S-Sport Racing Mazda Rx8

23. Matthew Butters – Butters Motorsport-Continental Appliance Repairs Mazda Rx8

27. Terry Lewis – China Merchant Bank Mazda Rx8

44. Justin Barnes – Justintime Auto Glass Mazda Rx8

55. Sam Silvestro – S-Sport Racing Mazda Rx8

66. Jake Lougher – Allstars Racing Mazda Rx8

80. Maisie Place – South East Quarries & Landscaping Mazda Rx8

85. Ben Silvestro – S-Sport Racing Mazda Rx8

88. Stephen McLaine – Mclaine Motorsport Mazda Rx8

91. Aaron Prosser – Harris Race Radios Mazda Rx8

96. Paul Grant-Mitchell – Wet4U Race Fairings Mazda Rx8

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