Old vs New in East Coast Super Mini Challenge

The Super Mini Series makes its first appearance at an AMRS round this weekend, after running for the last few years as the East Coast Mini Challenge with races in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The category originated with the original Morris Mini Cooper S in standard trim, and some of those cars continue to run in the category. However, the class has since expanded to encompass other Mini variants including cars with varying degrees of modification, along with some of the newer BMW-built Mini vehicles.

The entry list for the SMP round is dominated by the new BMW Mini Cooper S’s, complete with their supercharged engines and technology such as ABS brakes. However, the new cars are quite a bit heavier than the older models, and John Walker’s modified example is able to run with the later-generation machines.

The class-based pointscore aims to level the playing field between Minis of different eras, but after the first two rounds it’s Linda Devlin and Craig Lindsell in their new-generation cars who lead the points.


Points after Round 2

=1. Linda Devlin – 61

=1. Craig Lindsell – 61

3. Stephen Hoade – 60

4. John Walker – 58

=5. Adam Duce – 49

=5. Stephen Jarret – 49


East Coast Super Mini Challenge Round 3 entry list

13. Robert Moyers – Robert Moyers Morris Cooper S

22. Iain McDougall – Challenge Motorsport Mini Cooper S Jcw

23. Malcolm Schmid – Syntec-Beyerdynamic Mini Cooper 5 Challenge

37. Linda Devlin – Arthurs Creek Racing Jcw Mini Cooper

39. Trent Spencer – Uptiles Bmw Mini Cooper S

53. Adam Duce – Duce Timber Windows & Doors Bmw Mini Cooper S

64. Michael Sloss – Syntec-Beyerdynamic Mini Cooper Jcw Gp2

66. Anthony Elliott – Elliott Australia Bmw Mini Jws Challenge

72. Jim Campbell – Jim Campbell Mini Bmw Cooper S

76. John Walker – Allan’S Classic Minis/Southern Sporting Car Club Mini Morris


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