OUTLAW V8s Break Cover

A category for a range of V8-powered vehicles will be introduced to the Australian Motor Racing Series at Wakefield Park in August.

OUTLAW V8s has been created to give a home to any production-based V8 race car. It is primarily targeted at V8 race cars that have been outlawed, orphaned by changes in regulations, or have just faded from mainstream series such as Commodore Cup, Future Touring, Club Cars, Road Reg, Manufacturers Series and others. Also eligible for OUTLAW V8s are the myriad of production based V8 race cars that have been built by enthusiasts for club sprints and lap dashes.

In recent times, there have been some state-based series that cater for some cars but seem to have suffered from rules and regulations that have restricted growth or widespread appeal. OUTLAW V8s has no such restrictions with sporting and technical regulations designed to accept all-comers. However, there will be the opportunity for sub-groups to maintain their own identities and structures within the OUTLAW V8s Series.

OUTLAW V8’s is a structured series that will offer car owners and competitors the opportunity to compete in high-profile national-level events as part of the AMRS.

There will be a simple registration process for competitors to assist in the management of the series.

OUTLAW V8s racers will be able to test the water from the next round of the AMRS at Wakefield Park in August and the final round at Winton in November as part of the Group 4 Touring Cars/Super Sixes grid before the proposed full series starts in 2019.

For further details contact the Series Organisers;

Motoring Events Management

E: rowan@motoringevents.com.au

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