Overseas Opportunity for Legend of Legends

It may be home to some of the smallest vehicles competing on the AMRS card, but the Legend Cars Australia Series will provide one of the biggest opportunities to the driver who emerges victorious at the end of the season, the 2018 Champion receiving an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in a round of the American series.


The “Race to the US” incentive is one of the highlights of a series that is using the AMRS as a platform to push from a state-based class to a recognised national category.


Legend Cars are unique vehicles in the Australian motorsport scene, because they can be raced on both dirt speedways and asphalt racetracks.


According to Legend Cars Australia owner John Dennehy, this makes them very popular among people who enjoy competing in both disciplines, as it only takes a couple of hours to change the car from one configuration to the other.


“To change from tarmac to dirt setup, all you need to do is remove the windscreen, install lighter springs and change the gearing – it’s very quick and easy,” Dennehy said.


“I could see there was room in the market to expand into the tarmac scene, and thanks to the support of Wakefield Park and Winton, we have been able to run at some state-level events over the last couple of years.


“A few speedway drivers have come across and done asphalt racing, like Greg Davis, Liam Heaton and Kyle Angel, and they’ve enjoyed it.”

Having established itself as a viable circuit-racing category, the Legend Car Series now expands to the national stage and will hold all six of its rounds with the AMRS in 2018. Dennehy says the introduction of AMRS has come at an ideal time for the continued growth of the series.


“To take the next step and keep attracting competitors to the tarmac, we needed to be racing on a professional, national-level calendar and before the AMRS came along, there were simply no other options.


“There’s a lot of excitement and anticipation – the thing our drivers are most looking forward to is racing at new tracks. Wakefield Park and Winton are technical circuits that suit the cars, but a lot of our competitors want to race at other venues.


“The live streaming gives them exposure to sell to potential sponsors, and with our Race to the US prize, we’re presenting the series as a genuine pathway into professional overseas motorsport.


“The Legend Car Series is huge in the US and it is to NASCAR what Formula Ford is to Supercars here in Australia – a very high percentage of NASCAR drivers have used Legend Cars as a stepping stone.


“Nothing would give us more satisfaction than to send a talented driver over to America, and see them make it all the way to NASCAR.”


Several high-profile drivers have raced Legend Cars here in Australia, including country music singer Adam Brand, who is planning to run at least some national events in 2018.


Others to have appeared in Legend Cars include Paul Morris and Aaron Seton, while Porsche Carrera Cup racer Cameron Hill made a one-off appearance at Winton in 2016, winning the round.


“Cameron showed a talented driver can be competitive in Legend Cars straight away, and that’s because the cars are very tightly regulated – there are limited adjustments, a lot of control components and the engines are sealed,” Dennehy said.


Apart from Brand, the 2018 Legend Cars field is expected to include regular competitors like Mick Hebditch, Rick Christy and Brendon Hourigan. Several speedway competitors are also planning to try their skills on the tarmac while a few drivers are moving across to Legend Cars from other categories, including James Burge (Formula Ford) and Zane Morse (Formula 4).


Like all other AMRS categories, the Sunday action of all Legend Car rounds will be live streamed by Blend Line TV.

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