Round 3 Morgan Park – Legend Cars Preview

So far in 2018, the Legend Cars Australia Series has been all about one driver – James Burge. Lachlan Mansell looks at the candidates most likely to end his phenomenal winning streak.

As we previously reported, James Burge’s perfect start to the 2018 Legend Car Series – a winning streak that now spans 10 races – is made all the more impressive by his monocular vision, as well as the fact that each Legend Car round includes a full reverse-grid race.

But to focus wholly and solely on Burge would be doing an injustice to the rest of the field, because there are several other drivers putting together impressive seasons.

Brendon Hourigan is second in the points after Round 2, and the hallmark of his campaign has been a lack of mistakes. While he may not always have been as fast as others, he has kept his Legend Car on the tarmac, and has come away from every race with a healthy points haul. His worst result was fifth in Race 2 at Mallala, and he has finished all bar two races inside the top three.

Another solid performer has been Stephen Chilby, a relative newcomer to the racing scene. Chilby is learning the game quickly; after hovering between sixth and eighth at Winton, he made a definite step forward at Mallala, finishing all five races inside the top four.

On the flip side, the drivers most closely able to match Burge in terms of raw pace have been Ben Jagger and Zane Morse. The problem is, both drivers’ chances of defeating the runaway points leader have been thwarted by either mechanical problems, or self-inflicted mistakes.

The Mallala reverse-grid race was a case in point for Morse, who started on the front row after problems the previous day, and built a commanding margin over the field only to fire off the racetrack on the penultimate lap, handing Burge yet another victory.

Like the other national categories (except Formula 3) competing with the AMRS, this weekend marks the first visit to Morgan Park for the Legend Cars, so results will largely depend on who can learn the track most effectively.

As with the first two rounds, the Legend Cars have once again attracted a healthy field; while a crash at another event has ruled Mick Hebditch out of the meeting, Rick Christy and Bryan Neal both return to the grid (the latter having finished on the podium at the Winton round), along with Warrick Hessenberger.

The Legend Cars will once again be divided into two separate rounds with points calculated separately for Saturday and Sunday, as part of the Race to the US competition.


Points after Round 2

  1. James Burge – 400
  2. Brendon Hourigan – 379
  3. Stephen Chilby – 356
  4. Ben Jagger – 349
  5. Joshua Hourigan – 320

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