Round 4 Wakefield Park – Miniature Race Cars Preview

The absence of the series leader and the addition of some past front-runners are the main talking points in this weekend’s Miniature Race Car round, as Lachlan Mansell explains.

He’s been the dominant force in Miniature Race Cars for a number of seasons, but Chad Cotton has elected to sit out this weekend’s round at Wakefield Park to focus on his TA2 campaign.

While Cotton won’t be on the grid, his Team Supreme outfit will still run a pair of Future Racers; Scott McArthur takes the wheel of Cotton’s #222 car, while the second entry will be driven by Jeff Davy.

Davy, in particular, should be a front-running contender – he’s a former race winner in the Aussie Racing Cars, and has also won both the Wakefield 300 (with Nathan Jess in 2009) and Winton 300 (with Chad Cotton in 2012).

With Cotton not on the grid, the way is clear for Craig McWhite to take the series lead – McWhite was strong at Winton and Mallala, finishing second in both rounds.

His car wasn’t quite on song in the first two rounds, but defending MRC champ Jase Collins has kept himself in title contention by accumulating solid points – Collins goes well at Wakefield Park, and will be aiming to take the fight up to the Future Racer brigade in his AU Falcon Aussie Racing Car.


Points after Round 2

  1. Chad Cotton – 170
  2. Craig McWhite – 135
  3. Jase Collins – 93
  4. Peter Griffiths – 75
  5. Peter Klein – 55

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