The Thunder Sports Cup

The Thunder Sports Cup is a professional standard Motorsport event for grass-roots competitors! With one of the most open circuit racing technical rule books in Australian Motorsport, the emphasis is on maximum fun in loud, angry looking race cars.
With the Series Rules and sponsorship that we have in place, our aim is to accommodate the grass-roots competitor, providing them with maximum fun and bang for buck! This makes The Thunder Sports Cup perfect for the “Garagista”, a term coined by Enzo Ferrari to describe the small back-yard racing teams that dared to challenge and beat a grand Constructor like himself.
In 2020 The Thunder Sports Cup will be 4 rounds with the Australian Motor Racing Series. A true National Category with drivers from 4 states racing across Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales, there is a live stream and loads of highlights for the fans to catch all the action.
The Technical Rules are the same for all competitors, however under the Series Rules there are two classes – Class A and Class B. Whilst both classes are on the track at the same time, they are in their own race with each class having their own outright winner, own podium and own points.
If you think you car may fit but are unsure please contact us, if your car is in the spirit of the class there is a good chance you can run.


Thunder Sports Technical Rules V7 (pdf)

Thunder Sports Series Rules V5 (pdf)